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Precisely Payroll - Professional Payroll ServicesProfessional Payroll Services

When can I pick up my payroll?
How soon before payroll do I need to send in my payroll information?
I’m hiring someone new. What information do I need from them?
Where can I get forms?
What does Precisely Payroll need when I hire a new employee?
How soon do I need to pay an employee that is leaving?
Do I need to run a separate payroll to pay a terminated employee?
I need information from a previous year i.e. Check stub, W-2, 941. Can I get those from Precisely Payroll?
What do I do when I receive a garnishment for one of my employees?
I see the garnishment payment has been deducted from the employee’s check. Now what?
I just received my payroll. What do I do?
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